Artworks that merge physical, traditional sculpture with new media elements as metaphorical references of body and mind, what we hold onto and what we let go



*Ephemeral and unpredictable *Objects and light *What we hold onto and let go



An audio/video installation at CounterCurrent Festival, Houston TX

The Creation (2018)

An unexpected pregnancy kicks off the second half of life prompting massive shifts in identity, values, and how to see the world anew.


Piano Concerto Houston (2014)

Composer Byron Au Yong and visual artist Susie J. Lee invert private and public space with 11 local pianists, from a former Exxon executive to an immigration lawyer. The pianists come together in a process that deepens the connections between soloist and ensemble. 

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Video portraits in the fracking fields of North Dakota during the 2012 oil boom

Fracking Fields (2013)

A return to the Plains after twenty years revealed a place transformed by prolonged recession and the hope in oil. Video portraits and sculptures reveal the stories and identities of the individuals in search of the American Dream.

In the collection of the Crystal Bridges Museum of Art, and private collectors; gifted to Oberlin College


Live performance with projectors, IR cameras, custom programmed PC, and mixed media

Swimming the List (2011)

Creativity layered into a routine day with two lists generated: One, when we buy, drive, cook, pay, work, and pick up. The other, when we observe, extract, mutate, expand, deviate, and linger.

Sold-out shows at Theatre Off Jackson, Seattle WA


Video portraits commissioned by the Washington Care Center, a long term care facility

Still Lives (2010)

This is an unfolding of real time. Half an hour of film was half an hour in each person’s life. The accretion of quiet gestures reveals a reality beyond the single snapshot. Physical integrity begins to wear down, focus fades in and out, and there is the struggle to maintain.

In the collection of Portland Museum of Art, the Frye Art Museum, and Washington Care Center


5 channel projection, 8 channel sound, motion sensor, custom programming, found objects

Shadowplaying (2009)

Capturing the play and elusiveness of childhood, glimpses of shadows emerge then disappear.


Live performance with projectors, IR cameras, custom programmed PC, and mixed media


For these Unclosings (2009)

This performance brings together voice, piano, and live digital drawings precisely choreographed with a dancer.

Sold-out shows at New City Theater, Seattle WA

SHOWERS (2008)

Grains of rice cling to lines of monofilament, filling a space with shadows, light, and line. The installation allows for one to walk through a suspended moment in rain shower.


Single channel video on hand-carved wood, 14 x 62 x 7 in

Consummation (2006)
Projected on curved wood the length of the artist’s body, the shadow of two strings burns. A deconstructed Bach prelude accompanies the shadows as the strings turn to ash.