Convening Community

Convening community means  people together in unexpected conversations, to bridge ideas and problem-solving strategies. 


Convening Community

*Shape human energy * Discover common ground * Form real connections


The More You Look: An Experimental Baby Opera

The More You Look: An Experimental Baby Opera

Big Theater for Small Humans

For babies, the world is full of things and concepts they’ve never encountered before. Their job is to sense with all their ways – to look and smell and listen and touch and taste – and start to put it all together. The Thingyverse is our name for this infinite world of discovery. 

At Thingyverse Productions, we’re dedicated to creating high level theater for the smallest humans, with a focus on babies, 0-2. 

“My little girl kept sticking her tongue out to taste the music.”

Susie and Hana, courtesy of Crosscut and KCTS9

Susie and Hana, courtesy of Crosscut and KCTS9


“And somewhere between the soak and the scrub, I’m hoping for a breakthrough.”

How To make art? It’s elemental

Clay, water, glass and light are ordinary materials that surround us. In these four videos, artist, entrepreneur and scientist Susie Lee takes a close look at each of these four materials and explains how they've inspired and embodied a whole host of creative works. 

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"When artists and engineers 'speed date,' what happens?"

Speed Dating / Dinner and a Movie / Getting’ It On

June – August 2012

The Project Room collaborated with artist Susie Lee to bring ten artists and ten technologists together for a spirited evening to investigate the nature of problem-solving. Participants engaged in speed-dating sessions, with dedicated chaperones  eavesdropping on the dates and tweeting in real time.

Creators from diverse creative backgrounds thought about how problems and solutions in fields that often do not interact with each other.

Speed Dating: Event 1
Speed Dating: The Twitter Results
Speed Dating 2.0 
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Angel Soldier, 2015,Yee Park, Courtesy of SAM

"What we see tells us who we are; looking is never unbiased, never neutral."

Art Globally

Susie Lee shaped an evening event at Seattle Asian Art Museum that offered the chance to view a single work from the exhibition "Paradox of Place: Contemporary Korean Art," through multiple, nuanced perspectives, including a Communist writer, the ED of Langston Hughes Performing Arts Center, a conflict resolution guide, a ceramic artist, a jazz musician and a dancer. 

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soft power.png

"The Softest Opening in history explores how far we can, and want to, go in discussing private things about art and life in a public setting."

Soft Power, Activated

Soft Power, Activated activated the University of Washington Jacob Lawrence gallery with gynocentric projects, intimate gatherings, performances and interviews. UW students and Seattle’s most dynamic cultural stewards came together to explore the transformative influence of women through pop culture, art and conversation. 

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