Speed Dating / Dinner and a Movie / Getting’ It On (June – August 2012)

The Project Room brought together ten artists and ten technologists for a spirited evening to investigate the nature of problem-solving across different fields. Participants engaged in brief, circulating sessions akin to the speed-dating format, with dedicated "chaperones"  eavesdropping on the dates and Tweeting in real time about the happenings.

The second component mixed up and divided the group into two for a discussion based around one of the problems brought up in the first event—the question of detritus and debris. The third paired off artists and technologists to explore solutions to this question which were presented to Donald Byrd and Sarah Novotny in a group discussion format.
Because the participants are “makers” from diverse creative backgrounds, we tapped into the rich intellectual capital in this region and encouraged people to think about how problems are addressed and solutions are tested in fields that often do not interact with each other. Participants stretched their brains, expanded their vocabulary and found common language in the space of problem-solving.

Speed Dating: Event 1

Speed Dating: The Twitter Results

Speed Dating 2.0