Expanding beyond a new media studio art practice, I launched Siren, a feminist dating app to humanize the space of human connections through technology. 


Entrepreneurship as A Medium

Creating structures for a sustainable practice | Expanding beyond the studio | Impacting the real world. 


Artists and entrepreneurs have hustle, limited time and funds, and the focus to will an idea into existence. An artist-driven app profoundly changed the landscape of dating upon launch. 


Siren.mobi (2014 - 2017)  |  Role: CEO and co-founder

The first artist-created dating app fostered comfort and safety and eliminated objectification. Daily questions by fascinating hosts, such as Arianna Huffington and Anita Sarkeesian started the conversations and revealed real personality.



"We are #MoreThanMeat"

MeatFace: A Tinder Social Hack

A collaborative campaign between Siren and artist marketing group, Hello Velocity, enabled Tinder users to upload a "MeatFace" as their profile picture, a stance against the dehumanizing meat market of dating apps. 

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"A poignant reminder for us to turn off to turn on"

Durex #Connect

Durex, the global sextech leader, partnered with Siren, with a tantalizing promise of a new technology that would revolutionize sex in the bedroom. Couples from around the world offered to test, and the reactions of these couples was a moving commentary on technology and intimacy.

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