Piano Concerto Houston (2014)

an audio/video installation, for its inaugural CounterCurrent Festival. 
Seattle-based composer Byron Au Yong and visual artist Susie J. Lee inverts private and public space to highlight the intimate moments of musicians. 11 local pianists, from a former Exxon executive to an immigration lawyer, have come together in a process that deepens the connections between soloist and ensemble. 

Audio and video recordings captured each musician playing an original composition by Au Yong that incorporates every part of the piano, from the pedals and the strings to the tuning pins and keyboard to expand what it means to play the piano. Lee created video portraits of each musician to reveal an internal focus of rehearsing and a sculptural form that evokes the curve of a grand piano. The final “performance, is a reflection of the city through its pianists in an installation of solo video portraits and an ensemble media sculpture.